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About WEDG

From intricate ecosystems to overlapping jurisdictions and land use policies, waterfront design is complex, even for the most seasoned planners, practitioners, and communities, and is becoming even more so with the growing risk of coastal flooding due to sea level rise. With help from hundreds of experts in design, science, community development, engineering, and insurance—the Waterfront Alliance developed WEDG®, a science-based voluntary rating system and set of guidelines to address these challenges at the project scale.

What We Offer

WEDG is the gold standard for waterfront resilience and risk reduction. It also maximizes the benefits for ecology and access by inspiring innovation at the water’s edge. WEDG is a tool for designers, developers, risk and financial professionals, students and educators, as well as communities.

We offer three services:

  • WEDG Verification: any project that touches the water’s edge is eligible for review. Verification indicates leadership in resilient design and risk reduction, and the process can help shape better projects.
  • WEDG Professionals: through interactive trainings, we are educating resilient design professionals across industries and disciplines in WEDG best practices, from designing for sea level rise, to equitable community engagement, to sustainable shoreline design.
  • WEDG Neighborhoods: helps communities, cities, and other stakeholders hold waterfront development to a higher standard through advocacy and visioning.
WEDG Services

WEDG Benefits

We live in an increasingly urbanized and coastal world. WEDG helps waterfronts rise to the challenge of sea-level rise and climate change through:

  • Insurance industry-backed strategies and potential premium reductions for reducing current and future risks to sea level rise and flooding
  • Improved permit applications and community relationships by providing guidance early in the process for environmental and public approvals processes applicable nation-wide
  • 6:1 returns for municipalities and a framework for cities and regulators to create smarter coastal resilience policies and incentives for WEDG, such as living shorelines
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